Comic Book Review: Justice League #1
Posted on August 31st, 2011

So with the new website, I really want to hold myself accountable to write more. More blogging and more reviewing. Since the DC Universe is starting anew as well, I thought, "What a perfect time to get my first review out in years!"
DC Comics
Writer: Geoff Johns
Art & Cover by Jim Lee & Scott Williams
40 Pages / $3.99

So here we are. The beginning of a new era. Justice League issue 1. For those who are not familiar with the term "The New 52", let me bring you up to speed in as little words as I can.

DC Comics, the company that brings you Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash and many more has decided to hit the reboot button and discontinue every single title it published and start over with 52 brand new ones. Not only new titles but a new way of distributing its product. DC Comics will offer all their titles digitally the same day it comes out in the stores. So to all you iPad users out there, this might be the time to get into, or get BACK into comics. I could go into more detail but that is enough basic information for you to be caught up. And now onto the review.

Justice Leauge #1 is a good start. It's got great art by arguably the most popular artist in comics today, Jim Lee, and is written by the guy who is pretty much in charge of bringing Green Lantern out of obscurity and pretty much reshaping the DC Universe, Geoff Johns. Justice Leauge, much like The Avengers over at Marvel, should be THE flagship book for DC. Sadly, it has come up short in the past years. However, I think that this Justice League book has a lot of potential to return it to that grand stature. So let's get into shall we?


The book starts off 5 years in the past. We see two dialouge boxes stating: "There was a time when we didn't call them its' Greatest Super-Heroes, There was a time when the world didn't know what a Super-Hero was."

Indeed this is the case. We start off with Batman chasing a villain across the rooftops of Gotham. The both of them are being pursued by three Gotham City Police Helicopters opening fire on them. The art is fantastic and the pacing of the chase is palpible. I would say that Lee is having a lot of fun on this book. To quote a director friend of mine, "Pace, Pace, Pace!!" This book has it.
We are t hen introduced to Green Lantern in a very grand fashion (give it a read) and here is where I think Johns really knocked it out of the park. His new characterization of Hal Jordan as Green Lantern is great. Johns has A LOT of experience with Hal and I think it would have been really easy to keep him pretty much the same, but here we have a seemingly younger and definitely more cocky GL. H e's bright, loud and impetuous. My favorite aspect of his character is that he often refers to himself in the thrid person. I really hope they keep it around.

As a huge Batman fan, I love the fact even though everything is new in this version of the DCU (Super-heroes just appearing now, GL new to the GL Corps., Super-heroes never meeting before) Batman still knows everything. He knows who Green Lantern is even though GL wasn't sure if Batman actually existed, and he also knows of the Alien in Metropolis. Batman = Greatest. Detective. Ever.

The focus of this issue is mostly on Batman and Green Lantern. However we get a few pages of a pre-Cyborg, Cyborg and the final page is a great full page shot of the new Superman. I personally like the youthful look and new costume design. (bye bye red undies on the outside.)

This issue is good. Really good. Is it great? I wouldn't go that far, but I was really pleased. You get thrown into the world and it's one you'll want to hang out in. Hopefully issue 2 will bring Wonder Woman, Aquaman & The Flash into the fold since they are absent from this issue, but that is okay by me. Knowing Johns, this will be more of a marathon than a sprint. He'll take his time and really develope the story. Which is fine by me. I mean, who doesn't enjoy the "Getting the Team Together" stories when it's done right

Final Note: The choice for the impending big villain......AWESOME!!!!

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